I am a spinal disc injury expert.  I was hoping to write a brief post that may help to inform people about the misconceptions about disc bulges, disc herniations, related spinal stenosis, nerve pressure and pain.  Most people have been told that disc herniations need surgery or pain management medications or shots in the spine.  This is simply not true.  Discs of the spine are living tissue and they can heal.  The reason why they do not heal on their own is gravity.  Yes that is true, the thing that keeps our spinal muscles toned and healthy is also the thing that keeps the discs from healing without any intervention.  The discs are the soft fibrocartilage that resides between the vertebral bodies in the spine.  A spinal joint is made of two vertebrae and one intervertebral disc between the two vertebrae.  This joint structure is held together by muscles and ligaments.  It is these multiple joints that make up the structural part of the spine.  Gravity keeps the muscles of the spinal joints holding a certain tone in order to keep our spines upright and gives us good posture.  Without gravity our spinal muscles would weaken and become very dysfunctional and we could not have normal healthy posture.  This gravity that keeps us healthy by holding muscles in a certain tone is also the reason why our discs cannot heal.  With that muscle tone comes joint compression.  Joint compression is fine when the soft tissues of the spine(discs) are healthy.  When there is disc injury the compression or muscle tone doesn’t allow for normal healing.  These discs can only heal in a negative pressure.  Imagine this, you have a cut on your arm and keep aggravating it by rubbing it, scratching it, picking at it, just plain irritating it all the time.  It won’t heal properly.  The disc in the spine is the same.  With muscle tone and compression comes constant irritation.  The disc can never heal.  What most people don’t know is that there is equipment now (DRX9000) that achieves decompression at the injured disc and joint space without drugs or surgery.  This decompression over a series of treatments allows the disc to heal much more normally.  This gives a long term correction of the problem.